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Introducing Our Partner:
Israel Daily News Podcast


As part of our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive and accurate news coverage, Bernie News Network (BNN) is proud to partner with the Israel Daily News Podcast. This collaboration enhances our news offering, aligning us with one of the most insightful news sources on Israeli affairs.

The Israel Daily News Podcast, hosted by the acclaimed journalist Shanna Fuld, presents an energetic roundup of the top 5 news stories from Israel. Each episode is crafted to make news accessible and engaging, with Shanna's expertise bringing clarity and a hint of humor to complex issues. The podcast not only keeps you informed with the latest developments but also enriches your understanding with exclusive news straight from Bernie News Network.



Iran Attacks With Major Airstrike; Israel Daily News Podcast Mon. Ap. 15, 2024

Iran Update: A first hand account from host Shanna Fuld on what Saturday night was like in Tel Aviv when Iran attacked Israel from the skies. What happened? Why? And how are Israelis dealing with the attack? How will Israel and the U.S. reply? And some street violence around the country finishes with tragic ends.

Palestinian Stampede During Aid Distribution; Israel Daily News Podcast; Fri. March 1, 2024

Two Israelis were killed Thursday when a Palestinian terrorist opened fire at a gas station in the West Bank; 104 Palestinians killed in a stampede over food and aid dispersal in the Rimal neighborhood & A Torah thought for Ki Tisa.

Municipal Elections Tuesday; Israel Daily News; Mon. Feb 26, 2024

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh announces his resignation. The move coincides with pressure from the United States to reform the Authority & a break-down of municipal elections happening Tuesday throughout the nation for city council and mayoral elections.

Israel Daily News; Thu. Feb 22, 2024

IDF Clears return home for residents living 4 km+ away from the border of Gaza; Terror attack outside of Jerusalem claims 1 Israeli and hurts nearly a dozen others & A Torah Thought from Rabbi Yossi Madvig.

Special Report: The “United Palestinian Emirates”? Preparation for the Day After Abu Mazen.

An Idea: The “United Palestinian Emirates”
Sunday, February 18th Member of Knesset Idan Roll and Sharren Haskel hosted dozens of experts at Israels Knesset to discuss their ideas and suggestions for “The Day after Abu Mazen” (88-year-old Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas). Enclosed are three responses recorded in English from Dr. Motti Kedar, Col. Grisha Yakubovich and Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs President Dr. Dan Diker.

Terror Attacks Continue; Israel Daily News Podcast; Mon. Feb. 19, 2024

Two Israelis killed and four wounded in a Friday shooting attack; The IDF reports the death of 20-year-old staff Sgt. Simon Shlomov, & Norway has agreed to help assist the transfer of the Palestinian Authority’s tax revenues that Israel has been withholding.

US Reviews Reports of Palestinian Civilian Harm; Israel Daily News: Thu., Feb. 15, 2024

IDF units raid Nasser Hospital in search of Israeli hostage bodies & a Torah thought from Rabbi Yossi Madvig on Parashat terumah.

Special Report: Mike Pompeo Visits Israel; Israel Daily News Podcast: Tues. Feb 13, 2024.

Three IDF soldiers killed and 10 were wounded when Hamas attacked a structure where soldiers were based; Jordan’s King Abdullah spoke beside US President Joe Biden. What did he say? Plus a special report with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan who came to Israel on a solidarity mission. Hear their take and interviews with survivors and family members of hostages who are still waiting for loved ones to come home.

Two Hostages Rescued From Gaza & Israel Daily News; Mon. Feb. 12, 2024

Sunday night hostages Fernando Marman (60) and Louis Har (70) were found by IDF troops and brought home safely; Egyptian officials warn that IDF military escalation in Rafah may result in the suspension of the Camp David Accords, a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that was signed in 1979 & A reservist finds something special on an ordinary hike. Find out what it is.

Arab Nations Discuss Next Moves for Gaza; Israel Daily News Podcast; Thu. Feb. 8, 2024

Saudi Arabia is hosting a summit with Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates to discuss the future of Gaza.; The IDF revealed plans to extend the length of mandatory service and reserve duty; Israeli photographer Tzhai Finklestein has been selected as a top five finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award competition. Plus! A Torah thought from Rabbi Yossi Madvig of Oswego, New York.

Israel Daily News Podcast; Tues. Feb. 6th, 2024

The New York Times reports 32 of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza are confirmed dead; France demands proof from Hamas that medication sent to Israeli hostages reached them; Argentinian president Javier Milei lands in Israel and says he wants to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Plus Israel’s fencer Yuval Freilich wins the Gold Medal at the 2024 Qatar Grand Prix. Hatikvah was played.

Israel Daily News Podcast; Mon. Feb. 5th, 2024

Vivid surveillance shows Palestinian teenager attempting to stab Border Police officers in the West Bank; US offers preliminary plan to diplomatically deal with Hezbollah & Some stories of foreign workers in Israel and how October 7th affected their lives and families.

Israel Unveils its National Library; Thu. Feb 1, 2024 Israel Daily News Podcast

Is there a second hostage deal? 67 Plaintiffs sue Iran for involvement in October 7th massacre; Critics slam right-wing lawmakers for celebrating the idea of Jewish resettlement in Gaza; And an Insider’s Look at Israel’s new National Library.

Special Interview: Hillel Neuer Responds to Defunding of Palestinian Refugee Org UNRWA

UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer Breaks News as UNRWA’S biggest donors to pull funding. Interview by Shanna Fuld, host of the Israel Daily News Podcast.

Qatar Responds to Netanyahu; Israel Daily News Podcast; Thu. Jan 25, 2024

Israel experiences its deadliest incident of combat since October 7th with 21 IDF soldiers killed; Reports are out suggesting Israel and Hamas have come to a basic agreement for a 35 day cease-fire & Should Israel’s comptroller host a probe into the IDF right now? Plus! A powerful Torah thought to get you into the weekend.

Survivors Adjust to Tel Aviv Housing; Israel Daily News; Mon. Jan 22, 2024

Media outlets announce Israel has offered the Hamas terror organization a proposal for a two-month pause in fighting in exchange for the remaining 130 hostages; Three paratroopers die in ambush attack in Khan Younis.
Special Report on Evacuees from Kibbutz Reim who are now living in the concrete jungle of Tel Aviv. Hear the shocking re-integration story of Reut Karp, whose children watched their father get murdered in their home on October 7th. She explains how they're acclimating to metropolitan life.

Should Settlers Get Guns & Uniforms? Israel Daily News Podcast; Thu. Jan 18, 2024

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi says Israel is being drawn into war in Lebanon; Family finds out their soldier son was beheaded on October 7th & Israeli settlers are getting uniforms and guns. Is that alright? Plus. A Torah thought from Rabbi Yossi Madvig.

100 Days of War with Voices of the People; Israel Daily News Podcast Wed. Jan 17, 2024

A first ever shipment of medicine for hostages has arrived in Egypt; A Palestinian terrorist carries out car-ramming and stabbing attack killing an elderly woman and injuring at least 17; A special report with voices who came out for the “100 Days of Hell” commemoration ceremony in Tel Aviv over the weekend. 

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Music: Ke'ev Shel Lohamim" (Pain of Warriors) sung by Omer Adam in tribute to Idan Amedi, Fauda Actor who was seriously wounded in Gaza.

Israel Enters the International Court over Genocide Accusations; Israel Daily News Podcast; Thu. Jan 11, 2024

The International Court of Justice officially opened hearings initiated by South Africa against Israel, accusing it of "genocide"; A 14-year-old girl from East Jerusalem has been arrested for planning a terror attack & A mass prayer event took place Thursday at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where thousands gathered for the release of Israeli hostages. Plus! A Torah Thought from Rabbi Yossi Madvig. 

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Israel Daily News Podcast; Tues. Jan 9, 2024

Nine Israeli troops killed Tuesday in Gaza fighting; Why would ISIS bomb Iran? And guess which archaeological item IDF officers found near the Gaza strip? Plus! A spoken-word poem over music about the October 7th massacre. 
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Music:  All Eyes; Elana Rozenfeld - vocals Avner Reshef - violin @tal feder - bass Jenja Man - video Tamuz Eidelstein - sound

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Israel Daily News Podcast; Fri. Jan 5, 2024

Iranians mourn after twin bombings kill at least 84 people with ISIS claiming responsibility; The world points at Israel for killing prominent Hamas head in Lebanon airstrike & get some words of Torah as we discuss University antisemitism and education. 
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2024 New Year's Message from Rabbi Yossi Madvig

Have a 2024 new year blessing from Rabbi Yossi Madvig of Oswego, New York.
Sign up for this week's Newsletter to include a 2023 rundown of accomplishments and milestones along with a 2024 message from IDNP host Shanna Fuld:
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Special Report: A Day of Destruction in Kfar Aza

A special, first hand report on the destruction at Kfar Aza with exclusive interviews from residents who detail their horrors. Hear from an Arab Muslim Israeli who volunteers with ZAKA, a Jewish search and rescue organization. His opinions and stance on the Hamas Israel war will shock you but just might fill you with hope for future coexistence.

Hamas Rockets Target Tel Aviv; Israel Daily News Podcast; Thu. Dec 21, 2023

Hamas sends a large rocket barrage into central Israel with shrapnel covering the area;  Hamas rejects Israeli proposal for a seven-day truce in the Gaza Strip which would have released 40 hostages; The IDF says they are now finishing work in the north of Gaza, entering two Gaza City neighborhoods. Plus! A Torah thought from Rabbi Yossi Madvig.

Three Hostages Killed by IDF Friendly Fire; Israel Daily News Podcast; Fri. Dec. 15, 2023

Friendly IDF fire kills three hostages who were loose in Gaza; Three more IDF soldiers killed & A special report on a barbecuing Philadelphian who is filling the bellies of soldiers along Israel’s borders. Plus! A torah thought. 
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