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Founded in 2018, BNN, a nickname affectionately coined for Bernie Moerdler by his family due to his knack for sharing news insights before anyone else, started as a simple yet effective way for people to access news directly from the sources, minus the unnecessary extras. Initially, Bernie created BNN to keep his family and friends informed, but it wasn't long before word of mouth propelled its growth, especially praised for its coverage of Israel and the Middle East. Today, BNN proudly serves thousands of users, delivering news reports faster than any other service, and has become a go-to source for many mainstream media outlets for their own reporting. Learn more about the dedicated team behind the screens below.


Bernard Moerdler

Chief Executive Officer

My interest in news media began with my foray in open-source intelligence (OSINT). At Aurora Intel, I made waves by breaking the news of Kobe Bryant's death in the helicopter crash through my analysis of ADS-B data. by starting BNN, I am fulfilling my mission of delivering timely and accurate news to the public

Issac Lehrer

Development Team Lead

I’m a software developer from New York currently studying in Yeshivat Migdal Hatorah in Modi’in, Israel. I have a passion for designing and streamlining technical infrastructure, which led me to join the BNN team.

Sammy Tisser


I am engaged in sherut leumi at a hospital, a role that allows me to give back to the community in a meaningful way. Alongside this, I am keenly interested in pursuing a major in computer engineering and social media management. These fields fascinate me with their dynamic and impactful nature in today's digital world. I am thrilled to be a part of the BNN team, where I aim to leverage my unique skill set to deliver reliable and accurate news to the public.

Brooke Bass

Writer / Editor

I’ve been writing creatively for 16 years, and have been writing/editing professionally on and off for 6 years. I got involved with BNN because I think good writing is the key to making ideas and information accessible; my main job is to edit articles for grammar and syntax.

Meir Zaks

Junior Writer

I'm a high school student in Tel-Aviv with a deep fascination for the human soul, which has drawn me to the fields of philosophy and literature. In my vision of an ideal world, media is free from biases, and that's why I've chosen to collaborate with BNN to help bring this ideal world closer to reality.

Dovi Deutsch

Writing Team Lead

I'm an active student at Yeshiva University, currently studying journalism for the past year. Alongside my studies, I've been dedicating time to report during EST hours. My experience in journalism has not only honed my reporting skills but also deepened my understanding of the media landscape.

Simon Pinter

Lead Copy Editor

I’m a student in Bar Ilan University studying English Literature and Linguistics. I’ve spent the last few years working various jobs involving proofreading, writing, reporting, and copyediting. I believe clarity in writing should come before anything else and hope to make our posts and reports as technically accurate and clearly communicative as possible.

Yonatan Sternberg


I'm a student in Bar-Ilan University, currently studying in the Prepratory Program for Olim and intend to study Law starting next year.

I have always been passionate about giving back to my community. Along this line, I completed a year of Sherut Leumi last year. Where I worked as a Madrich in the Bet Elazraki Children's Home. I am excited to continue my contributions to my community with BNN.

Batya Cohen


Writing has always been important to me, I realized I wanted to be a journalist after watching the news with my grandmother on the weekends growing up.
I decided to pursue a career in advocating for better resources for the public and combining my love for writing through this field. My goal is to offer fair, sourced, and impartial articles just as BNN strives to grant the public.

Miriam Breau

Junior Writer

I’m currently a student at Midreshet Amudim in Jerusalem. I’ve always been passionate about writing and literature, and through my experience in various writing extracurriculars and competitions, I’ve been able to hone my skills in order to better communicate. My goal is to write articles that clearly communicate the complexities of Middle Eastern geopolitics while still being accessible and understandable.

Eliana Birman

Social Media Lead

I’m a gap-year student at Midreshet Amudim and intend to study cognitive science at Barnard College next year. I am passionate about writing and about creating a source of fact for people to reference in easy-to-use domains such as social media.


Head Pawblisher

Meet Kara, our Head Pawblisher! Far from being just another feline, she brings a fur-midable presence to our office. Her napping habits transcend mere catnaps; they form a crucial part of her writing. With a talent for finding the purr-fect spot on any keyboard. Her keyboard mashes, though seemingly random, frequently unleash a flurry of fresh perspectives and offer unexpected (pawsibly profound) insights into our discussions.

Rami Levin


Hello, I'm Rami Levin, a senior at Yeshiva University with a focus on Finance, on track to become an actuary. My experience extends to the Community Security Service, where I've completed level 1 training. I'm also deeply involved in campus life as the copy-editor for The Commentator, YU's student newspaper, and I manage the theater department, orchestrating performances.

Hannah Shapiro

Junior Writer

I am currently taking a gap year at Midreshet Amudim, and intend to study journalism at Brandeis University next year. I have been a passionate writer ever since I was able to lift a pencil, and have honed my skills through publishing articles in various journals and magazines as well as interning for Tradition Journal. My goal is to articulately record history as it unfolds in order to make the Middle Eastern political landscape more accessible and easily understandable for everyone.

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